REO assists:


Investors analyzing, bidding on and buying discounted: (i) performing notes secured by real estate, (ii) non-performing promissory notes secured by distressed real estate, and (iii) distressed real estate


REO provides loan underwriting and underlying collateral analysis, development strategies, advice and capital to evaluate, assist purchase, and if purchased, optimize the value of the investment. Not only does REO provide strategies and suggested courses of action for investors; but can also help the investors determine appropriate bid prices, locate potential joint venture partners and additional equity investors. Moreover, REO has core expertise in property and asset management, to assist investors in analyzing and preparing for the possibility of taking possession of and operating the underlying collateral



Special servicers for securitized loans and CMBS pools, and regional and local financial institutions to evaluate and manage their problem loans and the underlying collateral.


REO will provide strategies to optimize the net present value of the loan by maximizing returns and payback. REO not only advises lenders, but can implement the recommended course of action, which may include: a) renegotiating the terms of the loan with the developer/borrower and having the developer complete the project; b) selling the note; or c) foreclosing or taking possession of the collateral. Once the Lender takes ownership or possession, REO may assist the lender to: (i) move the collateral off it's books by conveying the collateral to a joint venture with outside investors who provide additional equity to complete troubled projects, with the lender and the investors receiving a revenue stream as the project rents up or sells out; (ii) market and dispose of the asset; or (iii) REO may serve as the receiver and hire the manager(s) to turn around the property's performance by restoring, renovating, repositioning, and leasing up the property, thereby optimizing its value, then marketing and disposing of the asset.



Borrowers with troubled loans secured by real estate.


REO can assist in evaluating the underlying asset, the negotiation with lenders and determine the best course of action to assist the borrower.