Note Purchase Advisory
For potential purchasers of performing loans: we review the loan documents, analyze debt coverage ratios, examine the finacial strength of the borrower, and do liquidity, asset ratio and other approriate tests;as well as reviewing recent loan purchases to determine likely loan sales prices . In addition for both performing and non-performing loans: we prepare spreadsheets to determine the underlying collateral's: projected cash flow as is, and if the project is renovated, restored, or its use changed; current CAP rates, market conditions, projected project improvements, and lease up projections. We help value the underlying collateral both under current market conditions and when stabilized. Our advice can help investors obtain a sizable discount because either the real estate itself is troubled or the lender has significant financial problems and must sell the loan promptly.


Property Management
We are capable of overseeing rental property throughout the southeastern United States. REO's principals and team members have been involved in the management of apartment complexes, strip shopping centers, office buildings, industrial properties, condominium conversion projects, and mobile home parks since 1981; both for their individual portfolios and for third parties. We know what it takes to protect, preserve and enhance the value of a real estate project.


Equity Debt Financing
We can locate investors and lenders to help in the purchase of troubled real estate and discounted loans.