REO Asset Strategies, LC
It's time to call us if you cannot answer affirmatively to these questions:


  • How does a potential plaintiff find out if you have enough money to make you an attractive target for a lawsuit?
  • Are you confident that you are appropriately protected from personal or business liability?
  • Are you satisfied with the debt structure you currently retain on real estate holdings?


The Problem
You've worked hard all your life. You paid your taxes, you've tried to invest wisely, and you have built up a nice nest egg. Tomorrow you could find yourself in a legal action that could deprive you of your wealth, your job, and your peace of mind. Welcome to the United States in the 21st century with contingency lawsuits, desperate and not always scrupulous creditors, and a legal system whose results are often based on who has deep pockets rather than who is at fault.


The solution

while you are comfortable financially and preferably while there are no legal actions pending or creditors threatening - to put your assets out of reach of potential creditors and plaintiff attorneys, to protect your nest egg, and to keep your assets for yourself and those you want to receive them. This is Asset Protection & Estate Planning.


As an attorney since 1977 and a real estate investor and developer since 1981, I have personally seen the volatility of the market. I have helped clients negotiate with creditors and banks who no longer care that you have been a great customer, that you have paid interest and principal payments when due, and have had great credit. In fact it is because you are a good customer that they are raising your interest rate while letting deadbeats walk away from their debts. Add to this the contingency legal actions - such as malpractice claims, slip and fall cases and other tort actions. A legal method of "extortion".


My focus, since the start of the great recession, has been to; 1) help high net worth individuals develop strategies to shield their assets from potential creditors and plaintiff's lawyers, preferably before there are threats of lawsuits or creditors at your door, and 2) to assist clients in negotiating effectively with creditors. Good asset protection deters litigation, levels the litigation field, and substantially enhances the clients negotiating position and case outcome.


Our mission is to provide the missing piece to your asset protection puzzle. In today's uncertain world, we understand the basic needs of every customer:


  • Protect their assets
  • Preserve their nest egg
  • Provide a sense of security


Protect Assets

We use safe, reliable management tools to protect your assets from creditors and fraudulent transfer and fraudulent claims laws.


Provide Security

Peace of mind is priceless. Our clients find this to be the single most important result from our assistance.


Preserve Your Nest Egg

Prompt comprehensive assessment of your current portfolio and a personalized strategy to maintain what you've worked so hard to earn.